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Learning to use Vim

vim logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The right tools will get you halfway. That is if you know how to use these "right" tools. Besides my brain, one of the tools I use all day long is a text editor to work with all kinds of text files. Some of the many editors I use are Notepad++, Gedit, Geany, Ultraedit, and Gvim. In the shell, I mainly use Vim or Nano for simple edits. I played around with Emacs, but did not get the hang of it. Vim, with Gvim on the desktop, the same to cover most of my needs, so I try to use it as much as possible in order to develop a consistent workflow across all environments and work at hand.
Still, sometimes I fall back to Notepad++ (on Windows) or Gedit (on Linux) as I still have to get used to some of the features of Vim.

Vim has a build-in tutor that can be run by typing vimtutor on the command-line. On windows it can be started from the menu. It will get you started in 30 minutes.

There is also a nice online interactive vimtutor that can be found a…

Gimp 2.8 on Ubuntu 12.04

English: Screenshot illustrating the utility window hints introduced with the new GIMP 2.6 release. Screenshot was taken on Ubuntu Linux 8.10 with GIMP 2.6.1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I decided to also start posting about all the tools I use to code, trade and invest.
This will be mostly techie stuff on software and hardware. This post is about installing Gimp, a very powerful cross-platform photo editing application. I use it for almost all of my imaging editing. At work, I use windows desktops and servers and at home, it is all Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu is powerful and yet super user-friendly. I stick with their LTS (Long Term Support) version as this means I only need to spend time upgrading my systems every 3 to 6 years. This comes at the cost of not being bleeding edge with some of the applications in the standard repositories. Luckily there are always the PPA repos. Gimp has seen a new major release 2.8 already some time ago. One of the main added features is the ability to run Gimp …