Back to basics, back to bash

It had been quite some time since I wrote a bash script, besides the usual one liners I use for getting around my Linux boxes. And it seems to me that unix shell scripting and especially bash scripting is a perfect basis for other scripting languages like perl, python, php and even javascript or xslt. Luckily, on the internet there are some wonderful resources to help learn or get back up to speed with bash scripting. So I figured I'd share some of these.

First of all there is the Linux Documentation Project where you can find many guides and howto's on all things related to Linux and so also bash scripting.
Here are some direct links to two guides:
Bash Guide for Beginners
Great for getting started and also for using as a reference by using the glossary.
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
Same as the above only more recently updated. You can use the index for reference and there is a list of examples, which I always find helpful. I definitely want to go through this guide. It's good stuff.

But there is more good stuff in the form of video, which I always find very accessible and engaging. Here are two interesting youtube playlists:

Mr Tutorize: unix shell scripting tutorial
Nice structured unix shell scripting course

Metalx1000: BASH Basics
Basic bash stuff

Metalx1000: BASH
200 more videos about the many fun things you can do with bash scripting

Below is just a short snippet of bash shell script code, that shows how I intend to be using bash to pull data from Yahoo Finance so I can run trading strategies on that data.
As soon as I have a scripted strategy working I will post it. No guaranties, however, as I got many other projects going on :-)