Wrapped up Udacity's: Introduction to Computer Science


Building a Search Engine

I finally got around finishing the exams for this course. And what a ride it has been. This is definitely one of the best online courses for learning about computer science and not just programming in one specific language (the course uses Python).
One of the concluding videos of the course explains this nicely as well as talking about where to go from here.

And where to go from here? Well, first let's show off the certificate you get after completion of the course.
Certificate Udacity CS101
This is all very nice indeed, but the real value for me is that the things I have learned in the course, have already helped my out many times in my current job, in which I use no Python at all, as I my job is about supporting and implementing a Library search and discovery layer in a .Net environment. Still python seems pretty sweet, so I will want to learn more about it. I will probably enroll in Web Development (cs253) How to Build a Blog, another Udacity course.


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