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Computational Investing

About a month ago or so I wrapped up the "Computational Investing, Part 1" course at A few days ago the certificates have been released, so I figured, I write a post showing of my achievement and at the same time share my thoughts on the course.

As the course name implies it is about using computation / computers to go about making investment decisions. The focus is on investing in stocks, but the principals taught in the course easily transfer to other equity types, like Mutual Funds, ETFs, Bonds, Foreign Currencies and maybe even to futures and options. The instructor of the course is Tucker Balch of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Tucker is truly passionate about the field and what I like most is his practical approach to the subject. All computational aspects of the course are done in the Python programming language and there is a Toolkit known as the QuantSoftware Toolkit aka QSTK that will do most of the heavy lifting in the course. Still, I think t…