Weekly forecast of the major forex pairs week 14 2020 and my view on the markets

I just published two new videos. One is my regular weekly forecast on the major forex pairs. The other is my view on the markets in general and the monetary system in general.

Here is my forecast on the major forex pairs:

I am pretty cynical when it comes to our current monetary system. One of the reasons I started trading is that I wanted to be more in control of my own financial future. I have been actively researching trading, investing and the markets since 2008 and realized quickly, that what I called money is actually not money, but currency / a medium of exchange.

Real money is a store of value. Currencies can be used to buy stuff, but they are not a store of value. So I buy and sell (trade) currencies, but when it comes to investing I want to hold things that store value, grow in value, or produce cash flow.

I do this by buying precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and stocks for the long term. In the below video, I will give you my view on these markets. Enjoy!

Good luck trading and investing. Stay save! And until next week.