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Weekly forecast of the major forex pairs week 36 2020

Check the blog post I mention in the video:
Inflation sucks:
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Weekly forecast of the major forex pairs week 35 2020

A new weekly video is out. Below are some images showing the pattern and trades that I talk about in the video.

Build more wealth with gold

I believe everyone can maintain and build more wealth by holding gold.In this article, I will try to build my case for this belief. I will cite some bullish news facts for gold. Then I will move on to look at inflation and explain to you why I think inflation is theft and show you that it is robbing you of your wealth. I will conclude with some paragraphs on the Turkish Lira and my personal experience in Turkey that has shaped my way of thinking about money, wealth, and gold in particular.

Weekly Forecast of the Major Forex Pairs, Cryptos, Gold and Silver

Here are my forecasts for the major forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, gold, and silver. I handle the three markets in separate videos.Forcast of the forex pairs Forecast of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum
Forecast of the gold and silver markets Enjoy and trade safe!

Weekly forecast of the major forex pairs week 32 2020

I am back posting my weekly forecasts on the markets. Enjoy!